Become the Most Successful You

A Quiet Shift to Excellence is a two day training designed for individuals, families, couples and anyone who is feeling stuck and unable to change

For most, selling their business is a very private transaction.  Who to hire is always a difficult decision.  How do you know that someone is looking out for your interest?


There are many firms.  Large national brands and smaller private companies.  USA Transition, LLC is a small boutique company committed to the success of our clients.


A Cure for what Stops You

Michael Carrigan




The truth is… the only person that can give you a better life is you. Our greatest gift is our ability to create. We have the ability to create happiness, wealth and great relationships. Unfortunately, many of us are not doing a very good job. So What’s Stopping You?

Mastering the Art of Enrollment, our signature program, is a two day training designed for executives, sales professionals, entrepreneurs.

Team alignment and collaboration is critical in most companies today.It all starts with open, honest and authentic communication.  Aligning people

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