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The Conversation People is an international company providing training in the US, Canada, France and Australia. The company specializes in Training, Consulting and Supporting individuals and corporations around the art of Results Based Conversations and Communications. This 2 day course focuses on practical situations that occur in our lives and businesses and provides immediate, relevant results.

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Every master throughout time has known that it is our thoughts that control our experience of life

~Michael Carrigan

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Why Choose Us?

      • Our process works 100% of the time!

      • It costs less to “Turn Around” a team member than replace them!

      • Your Success & Satisfaction is all that matters!

      • The better you and your company communicates … the bigger you win!

      • You deserve to have things improve!

      • There’s Training and there is Implementation. We provide both!

      • Ever wonder “what’s missing”? You’ll discover it with us.

      • We offer a free confidential consultation because, “There is nothing more powerful than a Conversation!” Michael Carrigan



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