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Conversation People is an international company providing training in the US, Canada, France and Australia. The company specializes in Training, Consulting and Supporting individuals and corporations around the art of Results Based Conversations and Communications. The 2 day, small group, course focuses on practical situations that occur in our lives and businesses and provides immediate, relevant results.


The professional team is dedicated to assisting others in developing powerful conversations that make a difference in the results that get produced.  Individuals experience a Quiet Shift allowing those who feel “stuck” to get out of their own way and create increased success and satisfaction in their businesses and lives. The Flagship program, Mastering the Art of Enrollment, transforms one’s ability to generate new clients or customers quickly and easily, as well as, vastly improving overall communication with business associates and family members.


Michael Carrigan


Michael Carrigan began his Business Consulting career in 1980 and has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of industries; MD’s, Dentists, Engineering, Real estate, Manufacturing, Legal, Construction and more.  His early work focused on streamlining operations and increasing profitability through staff awareness and teamwork.  Michael has helped hundreds of businesses re-examine how they approach their marketplace, attain their goals and communicate powerfully.


In 1996 Michael started sharing his wisdom and communication expertise with the world when he recorded “Quiet Shift to Excellence”™, an audio presentation that exhibits workplace situations that arise when communication fails due to lack of knowledge, skill or caring.  His ability to simplify important concepts creates the opportunity for individuals to learn quickly.  Michael has the innate ability to invoke passion in his clients.


His book “A Cure for What Stops You” is a delightful quick read with over 200 quips and questions.  This is a coffee table book for curious minds.


Kim Jaggard


Kim’s professional career over the past 35 years has spanned financial management, change management, human resource management and organizational behavior. Her passion for learning, coaching and motivating has been realized over the past 10 years as she succeeded in assisting hundreds of businesses, individuals and coaches around the world achieve their goals and dreams.  Her enthusiasm, sincerity and caring spirit is contagious to those around her and ultimately led her to become a partner in The Conversation People.


“Work harder on yourself than you do on your business” so eloquently stated by the late Jim Rohn is the philosophy Kim follows as she assists others to Master the Art of Enrollment and create more success and satisfaction in their lives and businesses.


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