As a result of attending this training, what can I expect?

Teams will become immediately aligned and individuals will become unstuck. You will see a greater sense of responsibility and willingness. You and/or your team will be able to see greater bottom line results and a more satisfied work environment. More clients and stronger relationships based on a common language and bond. Clients staying with you longer than before. Families or couples who attend leave feeling a strength in number that they hadn’t felt for a long time … they feel unified.


Does this program also work for sales professionals?

Yes, along with managers, executives, coaches, consultants or any other service professionals. We teach you “The Conversation” which is a process that enrolls people into wanting to do business with you. Instead of selling, you will learn how to engage people so they are asking you how to get started. All personality styles feel comfortable and are capable of having this Conversation.


Can you come to our venue?

Yes, we can come to you. Small groups are welcome to come to the lovely Lake Lewisville in Dallas, Texas for a personalized experience. Larger groups may also come to Dallas and hold their training on the 48th floor of the Tower Club in downtown Dallas. Or we will come to your location.


Who will benefit most from attending this training?

Individuals and teams who are stuck in achieving their goals. People who tend to get in their own way and would like to reverse that. Teams who have individuals who cause problems, do not participate, are unable to get things finished, who do not take responsibility or blame others. We work within all different industries and sectors, from a family of 4 to “C” level executives and specialize in aligning teams.


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