Welcome to The Conversation People

The Conversation People is an international company providing training in the US, Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia. The company specializes in Training, Consulting and Supporting individuals and corporations around the art of Results Based Conversations and Communications.  This 2 day course focuses on practical situations that occur in our lives and businesses and provides immediate, relevant results.

Our professional team is dedicated to assisting others in developing powerful conversations that make a difference in the results that get produced.  Individuals experience a Quiet Shift allowing those who feel “stuck” to get out of their own way and create increased success and satisfaction in their businesses and lives.  The Flagship program, Mastering the Art of Enrollment, transforms one’s ability to generate new clients or customers quickly and easily, as well as, vastly improving overall communication with business associates and family members.

Who are The Conversation People?

Our Company Mission
To support growth or change within individuals, corporations and non profits around the world.
Our Philosophy
We feel that change or growth is best when it occurs without resistance.
Our Promise
We promise to support you in creating the environment that will allow you to have things the way you want them .
We Can Deliver On Projects
Any project is achievable when people are willing to get out of their own way!  We are the best at helping people get out of their own way.

What our Client’s Say

"Thank you for delivering such a content rich weekend of training and support. I would be pleased to recommend "Mastering the Art of Enrollment" to anyone who is engaged in coaching organizations or individuals to overcome daunting challenges or pursue new possibilities with exceptional results. The technology that is behind your program combined with the personalized training and support will quickly enable the recipient to achieve their primary purpose: that of helping others achieve personal and organizational success. "
Kevin Brown, Calgary, Canada
"The conversation stuff from the last 2 days really works. Thank you. Had a meeting this morning and after having a lovely conversation (using the tips and strategies from the last 2 days) I now have another client with some money being transferred to me today. So from sunny Perth a big thank you. What a great way to start the week."
Jay Roberts, Perth, Australia
"To call you a trainer is an understatement. You are without doubt, the most generous person we have ever met in our lives. The sharing of your time and of yourself is an invaluable gift that our family will share and cherish for a lifetime. You made us believe that by shifting we can cause a reaction in our lives that will positively impact our lives and the world. You are our families newest best friend."
K Franklin, Dallas, Texas

Meet Our Team

Michael Carrigan
Michael CarriganFounder and CEO
A Master of Emotional Intelligence with over 30 years of Business Coaching and Consulting experience. Michael has developed a revolutionary method for having people get out of their own way! …

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Kim Jaggard
Kim JaggardChief Conversation Officer

Kim’s professional career over the past 30 years has spanned financial management, change management, human resource management and organizational behavior.  Her passion for coaching and motivating …

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Bryan Dolgin
Bryan DolginChief Conversation Starter
Bryan is a brilliant brand journalist. He has shared the stories of brands and individuals on radio and television broadcasts as well as numerous social media sites. As Major Baseball League broadcaster …

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Melody Brooke
Melody BrookeSoft Skills Trainer

Melody is a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, graduating Texas Woman’s University in 1989. She is published in Radix Journal, Dallas Recovery Magazine, The Southwest Morticians Journal, Plano Child Magazine, on the Dan and Jennifer Relationship website, multiple sites on the web …

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Marvin Sadovsky, PhD
Marvin Sadovsky, PhDNLP Master Practioner

Marvin is a certified Hypnotherapist; Master NLP trainer and practitioner and is a past president of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).  He is one of five US Fellow Members of the International Association of Neurolinguistic Programming based in Switzerland.  His consulting business focuses on the Behavioral  …

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